Hi everybody, I’m GiGi an Italian illustrator based in Western Australia
I love comics and that’s were I’ve got inspiration for my art: since I was a kid I loved reading old Mickey Mouse comics passed over second hand by my cousin; my interest quickly turned into Japanese style manga throughout my teenage years. I went on discovering even more classic Italian comics such as Dylan Dog, Corto Maltese, Valentina and authors like Milo Manara, Sergio Toppi, Hergé, Shultz, Will Eisner  and so many more! 
Also my love for satirical and political newspaper comics and funnies grew in interest as I got older.
Growing up I always kept my drawing for myself, too shy to show my sketchbooks if not to selected friends and family members, my style was strictly outlined black and white mainly cause I was pretty bad at coloring.
To these days not much has changed, I still sketch mainly outlined black and white just using a digital support instead of paper and pen.
My art finds its main inspiration in everyday life, common experiences, struggles or funny things ( I love taking the piss on anything)
I’ve been inspired by so many artists (musicians, authors,painters,) that can communicate important themes such as : environmentalism, social justice, fight for human rights, search for better way of living, mental health, emotional knowledge and so on, and that’s the direction I would like to take more!

Long story short in this website you’ll find a potpourri of stuff, cause life  is in constant change and so am I and one day I wanna draw a child holding a cat and nek-minute a bad climate change joke

Have a look around, have a laugh. xx


Infographic and poster

Don’t you find writing a better way to understanding?


Printed books


Album covers, posters, logo


Snapshots of life revisited by my mind


Have any questions? I’m always open to discuss new projects, creative opportunities, and ideas!